I am located at 819 East 66th Street, Savannah, GA 31405 inside of Body Tonic Massage Therapy. My office is accessed through the back door and I do not use the waiting room. Text me when you arrive to be let in. Please check your confirmation email for COVID related parking and entrance instructions. 

If you have a gift certificate from my old scheduling software (pre March of 2020), please book an appt and bring the certificate (online or hard copy) with you.

If you want an appointment sooner than is available, please book something in the future and then text me to be put on the cancellation list. My schedule is typically booked out for a few weeks, so please plan ahead for pain related maintenance. Recurring appointments can be set up. 

If you have had a session longer than 60 minutes in the past and are trying to schedule another, please text me.

For questions, please text me at 912-704-6345

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