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Soft Tissue Manipulation

Targeted Manual Therapy

Though Christa's therapeutic sessions are not generally what is considered a normal massage, she recognizes the benefit of her initial training in traditional massages and mixes these therapies into her sessions when it is needed to make a lasting change in function to the area of complaint.


Designed to remove tension, relieve stress and create other health benefits, therapeutic massage is a used to relieve muscles and loosen connective tissue. It helps to improve circulation, headaches, soreness, and range of motion. 


Deep Tissue

Deep and targeted pressure is used to release tight, overworking muscles and to reduce adhesions in the connective tissue between muscles to restore a sense of ease to the body.


Cupping is uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues. Static and gliding cupping are both used to effect muscles, connective tissue, and open up circulation of blood and lymph.

Trigger Point

This therapeutic modality targets hypercontracted areas in muscle tissue commonly referred to as 'knots'. This work is aimed at finding the source of the referred pain and producing a deep release. 

Myofascial Release

Long holds encourage the connective tissue that binds all structures in the body together to relax ans stretch, making it easier for structures to move properly without restriction. 


Scar Work

Scar tissue has the potential for massive change, no matter how old. The photos here are scars from a dog bite that happened about 5 years prior. The photos show the before and after of an hour long scar work session. 

Apart from being a cosmetic problem, scars can also tug on muscles and connective tissue and create motor control problems, often resulting in pain and other injuries. Having scars worked on, no matter how old or small they are, can have an incredible effect on the body.


If you've had an injury that resulted in scarring, a surgery that you never felt like your body properly recovered from, or developed pain in an unrelated area after a having surgery you should have your scars evaluated.


This is especially helpful for anyone with abdominal scarring and a weak core, such as c-sections, tummy tucks and appendix removals. 

scar work


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