Intelligent Movement


Christa believes that one of the shortfalls of most bodywork therapies is that they don't address what happens when you leave- you move around, and you keep going exactly what you were doing before. The pain or injury returns, no matter how good your treatment was. Christa uses yoga as an intervention in this cycle. When used as a therapeutic tool, yoga can have powerful effects on healing the human body. The aim of the physical practice of yoga is to find a balance between strength, mobility and proper alignment to create equilibrium and ease.

Christa studied yoga and graduated from the 200 hour instructor program at the Savannah Yoga Center prior to attending massage school, and it is the foundation on which her bodywork practice is built on. She continues to use yoga daily, both as an assessment tool and for self care assignments for her clients to promote healing. Christa also has a talent for rehabbing and preventing yoga related injuries, and makes sure her practiced yogi clients are maintaining proper form.