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"Christa is a gem - we are so fortunate to have an experienced bodyworker with her skill level here in Savannah! Her knowledge of the human body and its inner workings is vast and unique; combined with her intuitive genius - it all adds up to magic healing hands! I had major surgery which left me with physical discomfort, limited mobility and poor breathing mechanics. Christa was a major part of my recovery team and through working with her I discovered the main culprit was internal scar tissue. She was able to accurately pinpoint the source, and by using simple, painless and effective methods, created a path to healing that was easy to maintain and provided fast (oftentimes instant) results!

I highly recommend Christa and her work."



"Christa is knowledgeable, curious, and probably a wizard. Her work is about getting to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.  Due to some structural abnormalities and an active life I felt like I was always chasing pain around my body. After Christa worked her magic, some long held muscular patterns were identified and I was given some movement homework to correct the imbalances. There was a definite shift in my body. "



"Christa is an extremely talented and knowledgeable therapist that I had the pleasure of co-managing many cases with when I was based in Savannah. Whenever I had patients with complicated soft tissue conditions, I referred them to Christa because I am confident that she can get exceptional results that last. I highly recommend Christa's services."




I’ve been a client of Christa’s for about a year. I’ve learned a lot from her in the short time that I’ve been a client. She has a fantastic way of applying her knowledge and skills specific to my needs. I’m grateful for her peaceful and balanced approach, her diversified skills in other areas, her ability to find the root of my persistent pain, and her therapeutic self-care suggestions. She’s great.


“Christa Rosenkranz is a wonder. She fixed my hip pain, heel pain and back pain in one session. She is incredibly gifted, really listens and helps you understand what your body is doing and not doing, recommends the right things to do at home in between sessions and makes it all better!”


Christa is the best massage therapist that I have ever had. She has gone above and beyond to research my specific issues and identify therapy that is targeted to my condition. I highly recommend her for anyone that has pain/soreness/mobility issues. She works hard to treat the source of the issue and provides ‘homework’ stretches that have been a huge help.

“I had a pinched nerve that hurt so badly that I was always in pain. It was so bad that I could only get partial relief by wearing an ice pack belt and with daily visits to my chiropractor. He suggested massage therapy and Christa was highly recommended. I decided to give it a try.

When I met Christa, I had doubts that such a petite young lady would be able to get into the muscles that were actually pinching the nerve, but WOW was I wrong- and very pleasantly so! For such a small frame, she is strong, and she can really get down into and under layers of muscle to the source. Christa also loves doing massage and knows anatomy better than the back of her hand. She is an expert in many techniques, so if one isn’t helping she will switch to another to get the best effect.

My experiences with Christa were both effective and rewarding. I admire her work ethics, knowledge, strength, and her willingness to switch to another method to get best results possible. After a few sessions I really could feel a difference for the better, then after a few more she was able to release the muscles totally and the nerve as well. At last, I could walk, sit, drive, and sleep again without that hot, searing pain! I will be glad to go back to Christa for help again, and I am proud to recommend her to anyone else. She is a professional, and yes, she really is ‘all that good’!”


"Fortunately, the problem I saw Christa for was short-lived, but her work helped me be as active and comfortable as possible while I awaited surgery. She shared so much information and such great recommendations for what I could do if my doctor decided against surgery that I was almost disappointed I didn’t get to try more of them!"



Inside Body Tonic Massage Therapy


819 E 66th St

Savannah, GA 31406

Due to COVID social distancing policies, please park behind the building in a space labeled "Body Tonic" and text Christa to be let in.


Text messages preferred

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